Akamai Web Performance Intro

Web and Mobile Performance

Accelerate web performance to grow revenue and conduct business globally - on any device, anywhere

Akamai Web and Mobile Performance Solutions help you engage consumers with fast, personalized online experiences, enabling you to increase revenue opportunities, gain IT agility and scale globally. Your connected audiences expect instant, intelligent, secure access to websites and applications – from any device, anywhere – Akamai’s Web and Mobile Performance solutions enable you to deliver.


  • Ion

    Intelligent automation and controls to maximize user experiences on web, iOS, and Android apps

    • Deliver high-performing web, mobile and app experiences
    • Increase online conversions and user engagement
    • Optimize for both cellular and Wi-Fi connections
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  • Dynamic Site Accelerator

    Network optimizations to deliver rich, dynamically generated content

    • Deliver faster website and application performance for highly interactive content
    • Provide network capacity on demand to meet peak web traffic
    • Deliver SSL-protected site content and mitigate Internet security risks
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  • IP Application Accelerator (IPA)

    Accelerate IP based applications to users worldwide to ensure high performance, availability and reduce costs

    • Improve IP application performance to global enterprise users
    • Optimize routes, minimize trips and reduce packet loss
    • Scale automatically to address peak traffic and detect/avoid security threats
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  • China CDN

    Extend Akamai's global presence to capitalize on the unprecedented growth of online users in China

    • Simplify your ability to deliver superior digital experiences to users in Mainland China
    • Minimize latency by bringing content closer to users not only in major metropolitan areas but also in inland regions
    • Optimize routes and minimize round trips for accelerated delivery of web content
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  • Edge DNS

    Gain peace of mind by extending your DNS to the edge, with high availability and performance, and resilience against DDoS attacks backed by a 100% uptime SLA.

    • Optimizes DNS availability and performance globally
    • Provides resilience against the largest DDoS attacks
    • Prevents DNS spoofing and hijacking with DNSSEC
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  • Image & Video Manager

    Increase customer engagement with beautiful digital experiences that are also fast.

    • Automatically transform and optimize digital images and video to deliver the best asset for every end user and device
    • Reduce development time with flexible integration and workflows for faster time to market
    • Reduce infrastructure costs by offloading image and video creation, storage, and delivery
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  • Serverless Computing

    Akamai EdgeWorkers brings serverless computing to the edge — for fast-to-market app and site modifications using JavaScript and your existing DevOps workflows.

    • Serverless computing puts power in the hands of developers
    • Fast integration with CI/CD processes
    • Quick customization of customer experiences
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  • Cloudlets

    Extend your investment with Akamai using controls and capabilities that help simplify your web operations and improve user experiences

    • Speed time to market for web site and application projects
    • Save time and cost associated with custom development at your data center
    • Gain hands-on control over user experiences through the Cloudlets Policy Manager and APIs
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  • Global Traffic Management

    2020年欧洲杯冠亚军预测 High-performance, scalable, and resilient load balancing to seamlessly handle peak demand and outages, across cloud or premises-based data sources.

    • Optimize network availability so users can always reach your applications and site
    • Instantly failover and re-route traffic between any origin location in the case of an outage
    • Scale your website and applications globally without growing load-balancing IT infrastructure
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  • Identity Cloud

    Build unified, data-rich customer profiles — that are highly secure and meet compliance requirements — all while delivering powerful insights to help you provide personalized customer experiences.

    • Fast-to-market registration, authentication, SSO, and profile management
    • Identity resolution and convergence of existing customer PII data silos into a unified, 360-degree customer view
    • Manage identities into the billions for the highest availability and performance application requirements
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Monitor & Test

  • mPulse

    Measure What Matters

    • Find trends and get answers to your toughest conversion questions without having to sift through data
    • Pull actionable insights from your data to understand how individual objects, like images, or entire pages are impacting user behavior
    • Align business and IT stakeholders on key initiatives and metrics that align to go to market priorities
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  • DataStream

    Intelligent insight into the performance of your content delivery network

    • With near real-time log data, DataStream provides monitoring and analytics capabilities to visualize the CDN’s health and its impact on end-user experience.
    • Have your logs available when and as needed.
    • With the stream selectability feature, users have the flexibility to define a logstream to stream only the data of interest for the desired duration.
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  • CloudTest

    2020年欧洲杯冠亚军预测 Peak traffic spikes happen. Slowdowns and downtime don’t have to.

    • Understand exactly how your website or mobile apps will perform under peak load with globally distributed locations and scale on demand
    • Get a true picture of user experiences with embedded monitoring and playback, and understand how your systems respond to sudden spikes in user activity
    • Plan for a specific promotion or bulletproof your websites and mobile apps as content and user behavior evolves with one-time or subscription license options
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Streamline Operations

  • API Gateway

    Maximize scalability and reliability by offloading API governance to the edge.

    • Validate JSON Web Tokens (JWT) and API keys at the edge to maximize scalability and reduce infrastructure buildout
    • Set and enforce the number of API requests allowed per hour, per API consumer
    • Empower API owners to leverage platform benefits
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  • OTA Updates

    2020年欧洲杯冠亚军预测 Secure, over-the-air updates to connected vehicles and IoT devices at global scale.

    • Get proactive protection vs. reactive mitigation
    • Instant protection without complexity or hardware
    • Quick and uniform enforcement of Acceptable Use Policy
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  • IoT Edge Connect

    2020年欧洲杯冠亚军预测 Real-time IoT data collection and application messaging, with security at scale.

    • Access to a network that can dynamically scale, allowing businesses to easily add new markets and devices without advanced capacity planning.
    • Mitigate risk exposure by securing the transmission of data and network access from the devices to and from the datacenter.
    • Access a robust MQTT broker that provides the flexibility you need to message to and from your devices.
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